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Nallas Campus allows specific online education and academy view of each and every information that you want to attempt, some terms and conditions to agree and subscribe website.

Basic Information and Payment Schedule

If you are not accepting to our terms and conditions you are not fitting to view any information based on Nallas Campus but you can view basic information.
Make sure there is no possibility for canceling or postpone your course once you joined. It will not possible to complete your course or take a holiday part way through your course. And your Payment should be received on one day before the of course starts.

Privacy Policy and Registration

Every information will be received with detail on Nallas Campus website and it will be handled by Nallas Campus as according to our Privacy Policy.

During registration, you must and should have to provide your details to us and It must be true, Registration process responsibilities have to maintain on your own path. You can also renew information in our website

Who were registered to NASCampus will receive all information will be sent to their emails and we will keep in touch with you by our supporting Team

Professional Certificate

Currently, we are providing Nallas Campus certificate for the candidates to become professional in their respective fields.

Cancellation/Delay of Course

Whenever any delay or cancellation of the class will inform you one day earlier. Each and every information will be received based on course with latest updates.

Laws and Jurisdiction

In Supreme law and authority based on a law of government. Users of Nallas Campus websites agreed by the court of India for exclusive settlement of justice. Every information has been permanently showing all discussion to the right of Indian courts.

General Laws

You are not able to allow for relocating, sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights under certain terms and conditions.
To your terms and conditions has been found invalid for Indian court jurisdiction, Terms and conditions remain constant until the third party enters to effect any legal information.

Other Information

Externally Nallas Campus support in capability during arguments for their easy way. Nallas Campus may not allow telephones, to agree with the third person while classes are going on.